Selling Quality Koi Fish

Agro Koi Farm sells quality koi fish that provides various types, ages and sizes.
Serves international shipping with free quarantine facilities and a guarantee for dead fish

Benefits of Buying Koi Fish at Agro Koi Farm

Tempat Agro Koi Farm

Selling Koi Fish of Various Sizes

Here, we provide a wide selection of types and sizes ranging from 20 cm to 60 cm and even more. For more details, you can directly ask the customer

Koi Fish 20 Cm
Koi Fish 30 Cm
Koi Fish 40 Cm
Koi Fish 50 Cm
Koi Fish 60 Cm
Koi Fish 70 Cm

Benefits of Buying Koi Fish in Our Shop

Complete Koi Fish Collection

Agro Koi Farm has a collection of various types & sizes of koi fish that koi lovers can choose according to their needs.

Affordable prices

The prices we offer are in accordance with the prices of cultivators, so they are affordable and you get superior quality koi fish.

Full Guarantee

We guarantee that the koi fish will be healthy and alive until their destination. If a koi fish arrives dead, we will replace it.

International Shipping

We accept international orders and work with shipping expeditions that you can customize.

Our service

2 easy steps to order koi fish

1. Contact Us

Click the whatsapp button listed to contact us. Make chats, voice calls, even video calls because our CS is ready to help you 24 hours a day. You can consult with us first regarding koi fish before buying. We sell a variety of koi fish and you can decide what type you want to buy and when it will be sent. Make sure you only make transfers to an account in the name of Miftahu Robbaniyah.

2. Koi Fish Packages Ready to Be Sent

After you agree and have made payment to buy koi fish. Our CS will make deliveries via land and air fleet. Always make sure to contact our CS to track your package. We are ready to serve international shipping

Koi Best Sell

Koi Kohaku

Koi Showa

Koi Sanke

Koi Shiro

We Provide All Types of Koi Fish:

Listen to Testimonials from Our Customers

Dhimas Yusantoro

Fun service can be educational for beginners who want to try the super-super koi fish hobby, there is a price and quality

iswadi magribi

How many x orders for healthy fish, according to choice, Jasper for Java by Bus smoothly pick up at PO Bus. Questions and answers are handled well and politely.

Yeni Budiarti

I won't regret coming here, I got more than what I was looking for, beautiful fish from cheap to expensive. completely recommended.

Icha Surya

the fish is good", the color matches the picture given, well maintained, there is a lot of fish in stock, delivery can be done outside Java

Fidin Adis

Distributor of koi fish of all types and varying prices, which has reached delivery in various regions in Indonesia. The fish sent also go through maintenance and selection before being sent so the quality is guaranteed. Very friendly and educational service Apart from selling koi, they also sell various kinds of tools for keeping koi fish, starting from food, tools and medicine for koi fish.

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Agro Koi Farm

Payment method

We only serve payments via BCA bank in the name of Miftahu Robbaniyah S Farm Apt

Delivery Service Options We Provide:

Selling Koi Fish, we provide various types of delivery services that you can choose from the service closest to you, for more details, you can ask us directly.

Sentra Jual Ikan Koi Terbesar di Bondowoso

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the price be negotiated?

Of course, we prioritize customer satisfaction, so please negotiate with our team to get a deal at the best price

Are there any conditions for a new exchange guarantee?

There are absolutely no conditions, if the Koi fish dies during the delivery process, we will immediately replace it with a new one.

Can I Buy Units?

Apart from us providing large scale facilities, we are also ready to facilitate in units of any amount

Can you consult with an expert?

Of course, we are even very happy to be invited to consult with customers, so that we can provide customer satisfaction

Agro Koi Farm sells trusted koi fish and is ready to send internationally

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